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Regarding We​ather Cancellations 

When making the determination to cancel school due to weather emergencies, we will always take every reasonable effort to make thoughtful and timely decisions in the interest of student safety. Each event has unique circumstances and at times will allow for more notice than others.

What is the criteria for cancelling school and school related events?

If the National Weather Service issues a wind gust, wind chill, or cold temperature warning, school and school related events will be cancelled.

If the National Weather Service issues a snow or freezing rain advisory or warning, school administration with the assistance of the transportation department will make a determination as to whether or not road conditions pose a substantial risk for travel. The reason we make this a local decision is that precipitation advisories and warnings may indicate potentially affected areas. In addition, should the National Weather Service cancel, modify, or extend the warning, we can respond appropriately.

What about wind chill advisories?

If the National Weather Service issues a wind chill or cold temperature advisory, we will take precautions to keep students safe; however, school will remain open and school related events will be allowed to take place as scheduled.

When will the decision to cancel school or school related activities occur?

School officials will take every reasonable effort to make timely decisions as it relates to cancellations. Decisions regarding wind chill and cold warnings will occur by 12:00 PM the day before the school day or event. Parent notification will happen shortly after the decision. If a warning spans multiple days, we will make the decision to cancel school on a day to day basis.

The reason for day to day decisions is that should the National Weather Service cancel, modify, or extend the warning, we can respond appropriately. Decisions to cancel school or conduct a late start regarding snow and freezing rain advisories and warnings will generally happen prior to 6 a.m. the day of school. We understand that this may be challenging for some families; however, storms are not as predictable as winds or temperature.

Early releases will be decided no later than 10:15 AM and parent notification will occur shortly after the decision is made.

Please remember that we are dealing with natural forces that are not always predictable. We will take every precaution to make the best decision we can with the information that is available to us. At times this may include keeping students at school instead of issuing an early release for the purpose of allowing road crews time to clear roads.

Is it too cold to go outside for recess?

If the temperature or the wind chill goes down below zero, your child will not be going outside for recess. We do ask that all children wear their snow gear, this includes snow pants, boots, hats and mittens to and from school.

All questions regarding this procedure should be directed to the superintendent or the building principals.

Utilizing the Infinite Campus Messenger Sy​stem for emergency contacting of parents​......

The Sisseton School District will be utilizing the Infinite Campus Messenger System for emergency contacting of parents.  Through the use of Campus Portal, parents have the opportunity to select how they would prefer to have the emergency message sent (home phone, cell phone, text message, email). ​ 

Note: If you do not receive an emergency message regarding closing notices from the Infinite Campus Messenger system, check your contact preferences settings in your Campus Parent Portal or please contact your child's school office.

Due to a chance of technical difficulties on the update to the messenger system and/or school website, you may also check the following radio and tv stations:

KELO - Sioux Falls​  | keloland closeline

KSFY - Aberdeen

KBWS - 102.9 FM

KWAT - 950 AM

KDLO - 96.9 FM