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 Alumni Information


Greeting to All Alumni of SHS

 The Sisseton High School Alumni Association wants to invite all alumni to the  Alumni Reunion Weekend.  The alumni association is now making plans for the reunion events.  Those events will include the honored class get-togethers on Friday night, golfing on Saturday morning, alumni banquet on Saturday evening.  Please reserve the first weekend in July for the reunion events.  This will be a great chance to renew high school friendships and verbally relive old memories.

  ~~ Sisseton High School Alumni Association Board Members
updated 4.16.2015




If you plan, or don't plan, to attend the ALUMNI REUNION we would like to have you send your alumni dues of $5.00 to:  Sisseton Alumni Association, PO BOX 154, Sisseton, SD  57262-0154.  Donations are also welcome.  The money is used to cover expenses with the newsletter and scholarships.  Alumni dues are in addition to the money you send to your honored class for their expenses.  Thank you.  ~ Alumni Association.

 The Alumni Association




 SHS Reunion Information


Sisseton High School Reunions are always scheduled for the first weekend in July of each year.

Friday evening is when individual class reunions are scheduled.

Saturday morning a golf tournament is always scheduled at the Valley View Golf Course.

Saturday at 6:00 PM is when the reunion program will be held in the SHS Practice Facility. 


 SHS Alumni

The Past Presidents are taking applications for Alumnus of the Year.  Please write a brief history of your candidate along with a summary of their accomplishments since attending Sisseton High.  These accomplishments should reflect public service to the community or state they reside in.  The nominee should have made a significant impact or demonstrated outstanding leadership in their community, school, government or family.  We are aware there are many alumni that qualify for this award, but we feel candidates should be graduates of age 55 or older.  We are looking for someone that has made a contribution to their community.  The summary should be approximately one page.  A recommendation for a presenter of the award at the _____ class reunion is appreciated.  Do you know if your candidate plans to attend this years reunion?  We need to have all nominations by______ .  Submit resumes to:  Past Presidents Board %Sisseton Alumni Association, PO BOX 154, Sisseton SD  57262-0154